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Rising from Ruin is an on-going MSNBC.com special report chronicling two coastal Mississippi towns, Bay St. Louis and Waveland, as they rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

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BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. – Sometimes when you’re surrounded by chaos and destruction you just have to go fishing. And take the kids.

That’s what a trio of Hurricane Katrina relief workers did on Friday.

Dale Brothers from Queens, N.Y., Monica Marquez of Fort Smith, Ark., and James Day of Santa Cruz, Calif., are with the Calvary Chapel Community Relief Response Team. Marquez said they are among a “constant stream of teams” from around the country coming to help feed Bay St. Louis residents, clean up their property and keep an eye on the town’s kids in what is now a menacing wasteland of toxic debris.

So they rounded up some shrimp for bait, a couple poles and five kids and hit the shore. Their charges – twins Jessica and Meghan Beaugez, 9, and their sister Madison, 7, Brooke Perrot, 10, and Johnathan Moore, 13 – did pretty well, reeling in 10 stingrays, a crab and a drum fish.051021_blog_fishing_kid_1 Johnathan Moore, 13, says he and his mother caught 35 sharks from the Bay St. Louis pier before Hurricane Katrina hit.  When he can get back on the pier, he says, he's going for 50. (Jim Seida / MSNBC.com)

The kids, from Bay St. Louis’ Chantilly Terrace neighborhood, were all forced from their homes and into trailers by Katrina’s waters. They don’t know when their homes will be livable again, but fishing was all they were talking about after their outing.

Did they plan to eat their catch? “Ewwww!” came their joint reply, not given how Katrina has fouled the bay.

The catch was thrown back. “We probably should sterilize our hands,” said Brothers.

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My relatives are enjoying their "forced vacation" courtesy of Katrina. fishing by day, eating thier catch.

They love getting back to the simpler way of living, that they love about living in Louisiana...

It's great to see that people are taking the time to spend with the children of the areas ravaged by Katrina. Way to go!

i am very glad to see that people are helping the children get threw this, and trying to get their minds off of the situation, we need more people like that- Great Job! i am sure those kids are very grateful.

It is great to hear about the children affected by the hurricane. I am a Red Cross volunteer, & it is so hard, even as an adult to fathom the destruction on the gulf coast. I truly appreciate hearing a great story on the children. They will need a helping hand to understand what is going on, and some extra R & R. I know that their parents are facing even more difficult days to come. Many thanks go out to these volunteers for spending some quality time with the kids!

I want to thank the Calvary Chapel Community Relief Response Team for being so wonderful to me and my fellow townmates. Through all the shifts of volunteers that have come and gone, you guys are the best and your cooking is not bad either. Thank you so much for you kindness and concern and your help in our community.

I am a resident of New Orleans before durring and after the storm. I witnessed a lot of very touching things durring the storm that were never heard about. So I wanted to thank all the soldiers and the volenteers that donated their time to aid others in their time of need. We heard and saw a lot of terrible things durring this disaster but the good deeds will shine thorough the clouds

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