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Rising from Ruin is an on-going MSNBC.com special report chronicling two coastal Mississippi towns, Bay St. Louis and Waveland, as they rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

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This project is evolving. Our daily dispatches coverage has been retired. Click here to see what happened in the area between mid October and January 1, 2006.

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BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. – There’s not a lot to do by way of entertainment in a hurricane zone where theaters have been leveled, video stores flooded and most restaurants boarded up indefinitely.

And it’s not like folks of this hard-hit town are out looking for amusement as they busily rebuild their lives in a landscape of wreckage to which even Hollywood could not do justice.

But seven weeks on since Katrina hit, there has been time for word to pass along the ruined streets, at the gas station and over coffee – where you can get it – of some of the more bizarre sights that remained when the storm’s waters receded.

Officer Ernest Taylor showed us one of the best: A 30-foot Fiberglas sloop resting almost perfectly intact in a grove of pines and brush hundreds of feet from the bay.

"It looks like someone picked it up and put it between the trees," he says as he leads us to the boat just off North Beach Boulevard, "like it was just picked up and set there."

And there it is, the "Just Enough" from LaCombe, La., sitting proudly, and even rather clean, atop a bed of dried, cracked mud. The mast on the Hunter 290 appears to be fine, as do the boom, a swing-down stern ladder, the brass prop from its inboard motor -- even the stubby winged keel and rudder on which it rests. There is one crack between the deck and hull, but this boat will likely sail again.

Taylor scratches his head.

"I just want to see them get it out of here. Intact, of course."

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That's quite an impressive picture. Some unseen hands just picked up that boat and left it for us. How nice of them! By the way....how far away is LaComb from Bay St. Louis?

Lacomb is about 1 hour away by car or 1 1/2 hrs away by fast boat.

hey speeking of random things. i lived on aiken rd in waveland. the only way i could find my house was by my 36in tv that sits ontop of an 8ft section of my roof. nothing else survived not my couch not my antique iron bed and not even my walls or floor or a 400lb oak dining table. my tv was untouched. like someone was going to sit down and watch it. not even a scratch. i cant find the room that it was in but the tv is there. makes you wonder. p.s. someone decided to smash it to bits with a 2x4 the other day. whoever did that thanks. that was just mean.

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