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BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. -- If you happen to be in the market for 500 men’s tuxedo jackets -- black, white, tails and regular, sizes tiny tot to 64L, have we got a deal for you. Only one problem: no pants.

Sylvia Young, owner of Bon Temp Roule in the historic downtown of Bay St. Louis, has been open for business since early October, and she is willing to make a deal.

Young has owned the business since moving from New Orleans 15 years ago, selling ball gowns for the Mardi Gras ball season, bridal dresses for weddings and an enormous array of costumes, from Gen. George Washington to Gen. Robert E. Lee to Austin Powers.

“Right now I’m booking Santa Claus costumes for Christmas parties for the kids,” she said. “I’m getting a lot of calls.”

A big part of Young’s business was renting tuxedos for men in a wide array of sizes, everyone from infants to what she calls the “small giants” who often hail from these parts.

Now Young, 64, she is selling off whatever inventory survived Katrina, including the tuxedo coats that were hanging in a warehouse behind her store when the storm surge hit. Sadly, the matching pants were stored on a lower shelf and were ruined.

Young’s business insurance covered fire and looting but not floodwaters, so she jokingly invited a visitor to loot the store and burn it down.

In the absence of that kind of luck, she is offering tux jackets for $25 to $40, depending on the style, and undoubtedly would entertain an offer on bulk orders. The entire inventory, including store, warehouse, home, apartment and nearly an acre of land can be yours for $1.5 million.

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Is there some way to get in touch with Sylvia Young to purchase a jacket? I'll bet my son (who marches to his own drummer) would find it a hoot to wear a tux jacket with his black jeans!

Wow, just after my husband has just purchased his formal jacket for this upcoming Christmas Dinner...and can't take it back either...boo hoo (sad face) as he has already had it altered...But, if I hear of anybody with a need I will definetely send them your way. If I had the money I would buy the stock as well as the property in a heartbeat, as California living ain't what it used to be! High prices getting higher, the overall cost of living, insurance and everything up yet salaries remaining the same, takes two incomes per household just to meet basics (okay should not complain I know as at least we are doing alright) but really, no repairs to the streets so all of these big SUV's are seemingly necessary for these pot-hole infested roads.

We wish you the very best and know that you will come through this. Our prayers with you and we wish you, and everyone so affected by the storms the best of everything in all of your future endeavors.

Sorry things are so bad. I too am interested in a Tux jacket, got any thing for a 6month old baby, would like to christen our grandson in a white Tux.

Send me some info......... I'll bet I can take some off of your hands........

I just ordered a jacket.

If there is a 46 regular available I would like to discuss possibility - Have tux pants but jacket lapels are iffy. Would prefer shawl collar.

For those of you who want to buy one of these jackets, you can find her store on the web. Search for Bon Temp Roule Bay St. Louis (be sure to put the period after St. or you won't find it)

Would like to get access to a 46 long. Wife threw me out of the house-reason to celebrate. However, loosing my "drawers" in the process. Prefer shawl collar.

My dad's girlfriend had a house in Bay St. Louis. I live in Indiana. They are back down there now. I'll send them over to buy some jackets. Hopefully you recoup at least some of your money.

I would be interested in purchasing a tux jacket for myself (48R), preferably with tails. However, I'm moving in the next couple of weeks from Miami, Florida, to Rockport, Texas, to help start a brand new camp for children with illnesses and disabilities. I would love to get some jackets in various sizes (including adult for older teens and young adults who may be participating in our programs) to use as "costume" pieces. I am saddened by your loss, but hope we might be able to work together to bring some good out of it to these kids! Why kind of "package deal" might you be able to make for me? I will even be driving through your area at the end of this week (probably Friday, November 25th), in a moving truck, and could pick them up personally! I'd love to hear from you - thanks!

BON TEMP'S ROULE' INC 111 N 2nd St Bay St Louis 466-4848

Way to make lemonade!
Looking for a tux jacket...size young men's 16/18 or smallest men's size. anything available?

I own A Tuxedo Store please e-mail me and we'll talk.

I lived in Bay Saint Louis, in the Manor House Apartments, around the corner from Bon Temps Roule. We evacuated to Donaldsonville, LA and went back to the Bay a few times to dig out what we could from our apartment. On Wednesday after Katrina, we parked near the First Methodist Church and slogged through the mud and debris down Second St to DeMontluzin then down DeMontluzin to the apartments. As I passed Bon Temp Roule I observed several drowned cats with their fur poking up through the mud. I was amazed at this as I assumed cats would survive by swimming and grabbing onto trees, etc. I got up the courage to nudge one of the drowned cats with the toe of my Cajun Reeboks -- only to find that what I thought was drowned cats was actually drowned wigs from Bon Temps Roule!!!

ummm... what are Cajun Reeboks?

I found her number and spoke to her Saturday. Call her and place you order, I did. She also has new and used shirts.

Sylvia Young 228-466-4848

Bon Temps Roule'
111 N. 2nd St.
Bay Saint Louis, MS 39530

she ought to put them on eBay

Sylvia, My name is Beth Peracchio and I am part of a variety show for our elementary and middle schools. We have been doing this for the last 10 years and it is a very fun and successful event. This year the show is on all era's of music and I am doing Motown. I am in need of 5 colorful tux jackets for boys ages 11 to 12. To preform the Temptations! Please let me know what the price would be. Thank you so much Beth Peracchio

Cajun Reeboks are those white rubber boots that fishermen wear.

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