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Rising from Ruin is an on-going MSNBC.com special report chronicling two coastal Mississippi towns, Bay St. Louis and Waveland, as they rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

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WAVELAND, Miss. -- Although it’s clearly not a priority, the city of Waveland’s Web site needs an overhaul – especially for anyone looking for information on post-Katrina building codes.

At a recent meeting, residents asked for information on the Internet. But it seems Waveland never bothered to put it there even before the hurricane.

The city’s home page is not unexpectedly outdated, although it has the endearing feel of another age and of a slower pace of life, when the big upcoming event was “Cruising the Coast” week, on Oct. 7, 8, and 9.

But for anyone looking for guidance on new regulations, there’s not even a page for planning information.

Instead, the tenacious user might be drawn to the "Be Flood Alert" button under "Local Links,” which declares, “As a coastal community, the City of Waveland is prone to flooding.”

Those with exceptional eyesight will then catch the speeding bullet of a tease that runs across the page announcing: “Flood Alert: Be Ready: Are You Protected From The Next Disaster.” Below is information about the National Flood Insurance Program, but no details about building codes.

Bay St. Louis’ Web site makes no reference to Katrina either. But it does have a link to the Planning and Permits Department site, which includes all the pertinent information on building a new home in the city, albeit before the hurricane struck.

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Is this news? Why???

Waveland's web site needs a complete redesign.

Something more like


Waveland city officials need to deal with this or down the road there will be much more issues with houses not meeting code standards.

thank you for beginning to see the problem; paralysis on the part of the mayors, particularly Waveland.

Well, I suppose Waveland can't be any different regarding "slow responses" to being up to date.....I don't suppose websites are a priority right now.

I just wish Mayor Longo success as he rebuilds his city...and for his family, who is temporarily residing in Maine while the city cleans up.

I was at the city meeting on Tuesday and was told that there was now a board outside the city office where annoucements can be posted. Sunday I drove by to see what news is available. NOTHING was posted except an event for children that happened two weeks ago and day care info. WHY ARE WE NOT GIVEN ANY INFO? I would move out this city if I could. I am embarassed at the lack of assistance. leadership and information. I cannot rebuild unless the info is out there! WE NEED HELP, we need someone to take over the show!
I would type it myself and post it if I only know what was going on!

While websites may not seem a big priority right now, the many, many people who owned property there and contributed greatly to the economy are weekenders or summer people. We can get no information, even when we make the effort to drive for several hours from some distance. Through the years my family, friends, and I have done our share of supporting the local economy through purchases, entertainment, taxes, etc., without putting more stress on the community. If the city of Waveland is going to get us back, we must have information so that we can make plans.

There needs to be a better, more efficient way to disseminate information to the people of Waveland concerning new code standards, flood elevation guidelines, etc. I realize that many of these issues are not yet finalized and cannot be until more evaluation is done, but there needs to be a better way to get information out. My family, too, is currently displaced and it is a great pain to travel 3 hours back to Waveland only to receive little or no information regarding our concerns. No one at the city offices seems to know the answers to any questions or even who we might be able to ask. There are ever-conflicting stories on when FEMA trailers may be placed on lots, or if the Corps of Engineers need to clear everything first.
I don't mean to be overly critical, but those of us who wish to come back, and those who stayed, need to get more information (about all sorts of things).
Posting some of this info on the website (if at all possible) would greatly help those currently outside of the city, as well as many of our Bay St. Louis friends who already have telephone and internet access. It is extremely frustrating to travel all that way and leave without the information we were looking for.
Despite all this, we are hoping to return soon and begin rebuilding our community and are very optimistic about the return of Waveland and Bay St. Louis and the surrounding coastal communities.

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