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The rumor saga continues.

For the last few days, I don't know anymore than what I knew a few days ago. We have been living lives with not knowing what, where, why or how come? Nobody seemed to have an answer until the Sun Herald newspaper published this article confirming parts of the rumor. Or did they?

After this story ran, my daughter, a senior at Bay Senior High was shocked by classmates telling her that they were so sorry about the mayor of Waveland kicking her out of the park to let the cruise ship people move in. The mayor? Doing what? That was a new one.

She of course, had no idea what they were talking about but came home from school upset as this was something I was trying to protect her from in case it wasn't true. I didn't want her upset anymore than she has already been because of Katrina.

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It took a lot for me to get her calmed down over her fear of having to live on the side of a street in a tent. We have not the luxury of calling our home at our damaged address ours any longer as we were renters.

During the day, a few FEMA representatives were at the park with more forms for us to fill out. How many forms do I have to fill out proving this family's eligibility to live here and when will these same repeated forms actually make it to where they are supposed to make it to. After filling out the forms again, my husband and I cornered one guy and asked the question: Is it true that we are going to be moved out of the park? He looked us both in the face and stated, "That is not true. It is a myth and we do not have to worry about going anywhere. It is just the Sun Herald getting facts and distorting them as usual." Great now I can even trust my local newspaper.

However, the very next morning this article was published by the Sun Herald. They reported that FEMA is doing this and of course quoted some unnamed officials.

I was flabbergasted. So I figure the best thing to do when something is about to affect your life drastically is start asking questions and start pointing out facts that is affecting you and not them. I wrote a letter to the editor at the Sun Herald. I received no answer, my letter to the editor was not published. I wrote an e-mail to the guy who wrote the news article and asked the name of the unnamed officials he mentioned. I figured I would just call them directly. No response as of yet.

Amazingly, that afternoon, I had a call from FEMA. I nearly hit the floor. It turned out to be a call that I didn’t want to hear about. I answered her questions, but she of course, could answer none of mine concerning the park situation. In fact trying to get an answer to a question I had on anything was like pulling teeth. She had called to inform me that they were sorry, apparently my FEMA application filed two months ago was back to square one due to the fact the inspector botched up our inspection.

That is really amazing. The inspector seemed to be a pretty knowledgeable guy. He was there to inspect the property quickly within a few days after we filed the application. He met my husband at the police department. My husband put him in his police car and drove him out to where our home once was, he stood on the concrete slab amongst the piles of debris from all the homes that no longer exist on our block. He made a note that we were a total loss,asked a few questions about the house, took some pictures, had my husband confirm and sign the paperwork. So what happened?

What was most amazing was the five other times I called FEMA checking on my application, not one of the other reps informed me of this. I just got the same response, everything is fine and your application is being processed. That's scary, as that is the same response I have been getting about my SBA loan.
Well, my hopes of FEMA assistance quickly to help us with this dilemma about the park just vanished.

Now what? I am starting to think we are all caught up in a political back draft and not sure how or why.

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HI -
I know going thru all of this how you feel about your child - being a senior that is. I have a senior too. I so worry about their class, what will happen to them, what will be offered to them. It is hard! - just another worry on top of the rest!
Good luck to you.

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