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On Wednesdays, Bay Waveland Yacht Club members traditionally raced sailboats and retired afterward to their clubhouse for drinks. Hurricane Katrina removed the building, most of the boats, and part of the marina, but this week the Wednesday evening party happened anyway.

Despite a persistent chilly wind, about 20 club members barbecued steaks, gathered around a fire, and drank wine from small plastic cups under a starry sky. Click "play" to hear sounds of the party and the dream to rebuild the yacht club.

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What a wonderful moment, thank you for sharing it with us. Talk of focusing on future, the togetherness of a community of separate families, yet all acting as one! Should be a wonderful example of how life can truly be in communities all around the states, where people are all knowing who their neighbors are and if/when something happens instead of finger pointing and doing nothing to help each other, they instead pull together and work together to lend a helping hand to those in need, and to be able to stand together as one family within their community. Glad to see it, and thank you again for showing this.

Peace to all and God bless one and all, and hope that the re-building does not take too long.

Good on ya mates!!!!!

These are the kinds of stories thatmost probably feel are fluff, but it made my day! Many moons ago, I traveled to the BWYC with a college friend of mine. My first thought on hearing "yaught club" was a bunch or rich, stuffy old folks sitting around drinking tea. I was way off base! These guys love their boating, they're obsessed. And they love celebrating their boating. I'm just glad to see their spirit remains. And if anyone from BWYC reads this and is in touch with Clinton Edwards, tell him his old Memphis friend Shanon's been worried about him and his family! Hope all are safe and on the road to recovery.

As I listened to this audio clip, I grinned and teared at the same time. Knowing some of these folks, they epitomize some of the best and strongest ties in the Bay/Waveland area. In most cases, these members have experienced each others successes, failures, tragedies and joys, and been more like a family than alot of families. Because of the passion for the water,the coastal environment, and years of family ties, this club has withstood years and years of rebuilding, rebonding, and reaffirmation of what the coastal spirit truly is. Their strength and passion will get them through this experience, and as always, they will come out stronger and more united than ever. You guys do the Bay/Waveland area proud.

That picture of the swing-set in the moonlight really encapsulates a lot of my memories of visiting Bay St. Louis. My family had a house over on Boardman that we'd visit every weekend when the weather and fishing were good. At night my cousins and I would walk down to the yacht club swings and talk and joke and laugh, all bathed in the cool glow of that moonlight. I'll never feel more peacful or safe than in those moments. In the daytime that little strip of beach became the launching pad for jet ski's and doughnut rides. Cold beer, a day to kill and some friends to share it with were all you needed. It was a beautiful place.
If anyone knows how I can get a copy of that picture please e-mail me.

BWYC should look at www.containercity.com to explore building a new venue...this company is quite the set up for building

It doesn't matter if there's a yacht club or not. Sailors know how to make a party out of anything. This picture only shows it. Someday, I hope to sail the waters of Bay Waveland Yacht Club, but for now, the waters of Lake Michigan are my playground. Good Winds, Great Sailing!

Our family will always remenber all the kindness and help given to us. Of coarse its always fun to race at BWYC and see the Stiefelds, Eagans,Chatmans and other good friends.
Hopefully SYC and BWYC will be back in operation shortly and renew our friendly rivalry.

My days spent at evening yacht club events are numerous. This brings back many memeories for me, thank you for that. But moreover, Good luck to you and all the members to bring the competitive life back into your lives.

The sea is my mistriss! May God/gods speed your club. Patrick

I moved to BSL many years ago from my hometown in Huntsville, AL. Having to move was very heartbreaking for me and I was totally lonely upon my arrival. Quickly I was welcomed into the life of this small town. After having lived in Coral Gables, Florida and Dallas, Texas I was amazed at how friendly and caring people were. We rented a small cottage within walking distance of the yacht club and old town BSL. I will never forgot those peaceful and sometimes "party down" times at BWYC. All my best wishes go out to those that are still part of that club and town.

Great to hear how people can come together and put away their sadness and fears for the future and just have a good time with their friends. There is always hope for the human spirit!

Yeah!! I spent summers with my grandparents, Harry and Millie Walz in BSL and much of it at the BWYC!! I look forward to seeing it better than ever before and so glad you are there to do it.

The BWYC members are like family, always helping one another. A family does not need a structure to be a family, all that matters is that everyone is together and in good spirits. The commentary from this wednesday night gathering shows that. I have spent many of my wednesday nights sailing the wednesday races around the bay then coming in for a few laughs and a good meal, this is how i started sailing. I'm glad the spirit that makes BWYC the club that it is is still alive!

Miss you all. Hope to get the rebuild done soon.

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