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This New Year was a little different than any other years. We went over to our "Uncle" Chris' house to celebrate.

We hung out there for a while. Then Uncle Chris got a bunch of fireworks and we went down to the beach to set them off. He put his blow torch in the back of the truck where we were riding and said "If the police stop us you don't know what that blowtorch is for." We weren't supposed to set off fireworks because there was a burn ban in the area. Luckily no one saw us.

We went down to visit another Mississippi "clan," the Benvenuttis, but they weren't there. They were at another party at a different house. We crashed the party the year before so we decided to do it again. Uncle Chris started shooting fireworks out on the beach in front of the "house" (in this case, the front steps qualify as a house). The owner of the property was near hysteria. Well, not quite, but you get my point.

So all in all it was a pretty good New Year (and no one got arrested). Hope 2006 will be better than the '05!!!! Until next time. Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to you too, Noah! Glad to hear your celebrations were safe and that you were able to have a celebration. I hope your '06 brings you prosperity and more progress in getting back to normal.

no arrests....is always....GOOD

Thought you pulled a fast one didn't you Noah? Oops looks like the police know NOW who the guilty party was shooting off all those fireworks. GRIN!!

whatever patti, get a life.

Get a grip Chris I was teasing Noah. We have the greatest bunch of police officers on the coast. Many who probably turned their cheek but kept close eyes on the situation and they were not looking to arrest anyone. Noah is a great kid and I for one am grateful his New Year went great and find it hysterically funny that he pulled it off! He took a risk that I wished he hadn't because of the safety concerns of others but I know what he feels. Noah is just one of the many who misses so much of what use to be in our City and we no longer have. Fireworks on New Years on the beach was a celebration WE all LOVED. As for getting a life Chris...We're working on it! COMPREHEND THAT?

Hi Noah, Great to here u had a safe and Happy New
Years. May u have a many more Healthy days ahead.

Happy 2006!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!

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